Remote Presence Participates in Shipwreck Survey

28 March - 01 April 2004

The purpose of this five day expedition was to survey several ship wrecks with the
client's intention of bidding on the salvage of the cargos. The goods were located
but, unfortunately, the contract was not secured.

Merlin Diver in Dingle control station forward hold
Bull Rock Fastnet Rock
control station

lashed down for transit

umbilical reel power supply in fo'c's'le
  galley/mess bridge at night skelligs
steam condenser tubes ammo boxes boxes w/pollock detail
  lobster on teak boat bits  

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REMOTE PRESENCE , Lettertinlish, Skibbereen, County Cork, IRELAND
t = 353 (0) 28-21821, f = 353 (0) 28-21876, m = 353 (0) 87-805-1113

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