Underwater stills from ROV video taken during F. P. S. O. Didon Project.
(bottom depth approximately 71 metres)
09 March - 09 April 2003

output end of cooler new pipe on left,
cooler on right
legs of the cooler with
winch for pulling in new pipe
winch strops around
cooler leg
six ft. dia. props
of Mr. Omar
before the final
pull into place
diver ratcheting
the winches

bolting the flanges

1st epoxy attempt the cooler. approx. 4 ft. (1.25m) high removing form
and 1st repair
clean and ready
for take two
attaching the form
pouring the epoxy looks good oh well... night deco
under the SPM under the SPM production line connection up close
The last six images are taken from the DVCAM video tape.  
crushed junction cover observing pipe movement    

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updated 24 October 2003